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Chaplin's is soaked in atmosphere with a nostalgic flashback to one of the greatest The winelist changes regularly and concentrates on smaller boutique wineries offering some of South Africa's finest wines. Some 55, people had to make way for the expo site on the banks of the Huangpu River. I knew his name; he was a noted cinematographer who worked on big-ticket productions back in the day. Taking the case to its ultimate conclusion, the music companies appealed to the Supreme Court. Moving to the US was an unreasonable risk for a kid who could barely speak English and had no safety net to fall back to.

Wind Integration National Dataset

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In the en suite bathrooms original fittings combine with the modern technology of hot showers, hair dryers and shaver plugs. The Royal Suites, each of which take up half a carriage, are spacious and elegant, measuring 16 sq metres in size sq ft.

Each has its own private lounge area and full bathroom. The Pride of Africa The rebuilt sleeper coaches contain the most spacious train suites in the world, offering every modern convenience and comfort. The epitome of luxury, with handsome wood panelling and period Edwardian features, the air-conditioned suites accommo The first trip was made on 25 May The service is currently owned by Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.

The Pride of Africa A third level of accommodation, the Pullman suite is 7 square metres 76 sq ft in size and while it includes the identical bathroom to that of the deluxe suites, the bedroom is smaller with a one up one down bunk for twin requirements or a double bed for couples. Orient Express It is the Orient Express, the epitome of luxury and the railway that defined luxury travel.

Founded in , the Venice Simplon has 35 cars including sleep-. It is the single most romantic and most stylish train anywhere in the world. During the day the cabin steward will turn your room into a comfortable room with daytime seating.

And at night, it becomes a luxurious bedroom. Each room, whether a cabin, double cabin or a cabin suite, comes with your own bathroom complete with hot and cold running water and fresh linens. There are six signature journeys which include: Hiram Bingham assures a magical journey never to be forgotten.

The Hiram Bingham is named after the explorer who discovered the fascinating remains of the Inca citadel, Machu Picchu on July 23rd The carriages are painted a distinctive blue and gold while interiors are luxurious, warm and inviting with elegant decoration in the style of the 's Pullman trains. As passengers step on board they are encompassed in a world of polished wood, gleaming cutlery and glittering glass. The train consists of two Dining Cars, an Obser-. The round trip between Machu Picchu and Cusco aboard the Hiram Bingham is a luxurious experience where every detail has been taken care of.

In the morning en route to Machu Picchu a brunch will be served as you watch the stunning landscape unfold. Upon reaching your destination a guide will show you the highlights of the Machu Picchu citadel. After the day exploring the marvel of Machu Picchu, cocktails and a gourmet dinner are served on the return to Cusco.

For many visitors a trip to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience. Why not catalogues online It's no secret that businesses these days need to be increasingly aware of their environmental impact. The distribution of printed catalogues, more commonly referred to as junk mail, is one marketing practice that is a huge drain on the environment. Catalogues are a staple of retail marketing.

Retailers have communicated their products, sales and specials through catalogues for years. And as most of know, people generally love catalogues, but the environmental wastage is a real concern. Figures on catalogues impact on the environment are scary: One tonne of catalogue pages uses 90, litres of water to produce.

You've probably noticed catalogues clogging your letter box, and the fact is that each household receives 1, catalogues a year. This breaks down to 24 catalogues per week. It's annoying for people who receive unwanted catalogues, and it's a waste for retailers who aren't. Printed catalogues are simply no longer as relevant as they used to be. Reading catalogues online is easy and convenient. You know you're getting the latest information and won't be filling up your recycling bin with unread waste paper.

In a commercial sense, it also gives retailers a cost effective way to communicate and would deliver a strong return on their investment.

For consumers they now have a convenient environmentally friendly choice. It really is a win-win situation. In the three months to March 31, revenue slipped 1. On a like-for-like basis, excluding currency fluctuations and acquisitions, they were flat. He added that the corner had now been turned and that after cutting 14, staff last year - about one in.

WPP said that it expected to be a more stable year. WPP conceded that the group had been slow to react to significant declines in revenue in the first half of the year, suggesting staff cuts should perhaps have been more severe during that period.

However it admitted that more swingeing reductions might ultimately have damaged the business. Western Europe remained the most challenging region, with sales down. As a result of marketers boosting budgets, following drastic cuts in , the first half should be "much better" for profit and margins, WPP said.

On the negative side, concerns still remain over when and how the fiscal and monetary stimuli put in place by If it happens too quickly the recovery with falter and unemployment will rise, it warned. If it happens too slowly, which it deemed more likely, then inflation and interest rates will rise. Many companies are confused in this rapidly changing environment and that makes them hold the "safe" - traditional methods and channels of communications, marketing, PR and advertising.

The terms become more advanced and difficult to pronounce. Budgets are increasing, but the questions "where" and "how" still remain. The trends outlined in the study indicate that: Content Sharing will evolve - the place will become a key and the speed with which opinions are disseminated to consumers will be crucial.

And most of all - the "emotional connections with consumers will matter 3. Digital Branded Content Syndication - Branding free applications will replace part of the paid media channels 5.

Social media switch to social distribution technologies and mobile phones 2. The measurement of marketing activities will become increasingly important 3. Users will require targeted content - media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, marketers will need to become more nimble than ever. Successful traders will have to be managed in several different places simultaneously and offer different opportunities to its customers, according to the current situation and their current mood.

Evolving platforms are creating new conversations and interactions with users. One of the main results in Guerrilla marketing has been proven in action to work for small businesses around the world.

It works because it's simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive. Guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses a delightfully unfair advantage: Guerrillas know that individual marketing weapons rarely work on their own.

But marketing combinations do work. A wide assortment of marketing tools are required to woo and win customers. People now know that time is not money, but is far more valuable. Respect this by being easy to do business with and running your company for the convenience of your customers, not yourself.

The real profits come after you've made the sale, in the form of repeat and referral business. Non-guerrillas think marketing ends when they've made the sale. Guerrillas know that's when marketing begins. There are elements of your business that you take for granted, but prospects would be amazed if they knew the details. Be sure all of your marketing always reflects that amazement. You can actually double your profits by measuring the results of your marketing.

Some weapons hit bulls-eyes. Others miss the target. Unless you measure, you won't know which is which. This describes the relationlship between you and your customers -- and it is a relationship. You prove your involvement by following up; they prove theirs by patronizing and recommending you.

The guerrilla's job is not to compete but to cooperate with other businesses. Market them in return for them marketing you. Set up tie-ins with others. Become dependent to market more, spend less. He is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, "Guerrilla Marketing," plus 30 other books. He has served on the Microsoft Small Business Council.

The need for guerrilla marketing can be seen in the light of these facts: Because of big business downsizing, decentralization, relaxation of government regulations, affordable technology, and a revolution in consciousness, people around the world are gravitating to small business in record numbers. Small business failures are also establishing record numbers and one of the main reasons for the failures is a failure to understand marketing.

You should know that a mediocre marketing program with commitment will always prove more profitable than a brilliant marketing program without commitment. Commitment makes it happen. Marketing is not an expense, but an investment -- the best investment available in America today -- if you do it right. With guerrilla marketing to guide you, you'll be doing it right. It takes a while for prospects to trust you and if you change your marketing, media, and identity, you're hard to trust.

Restraint is a great ally of the guerrilla. In a nationwide test to determine why people buy, price came in fifth, selection fourth, service third, quality second, and, in first place -- people said they patronize businesses in which they are confident.

Unless the person running your marketing is patient, it will be difficult to practice commitment, view marketing as an investment, be consistent, and make prospects confident. Patience is a guerrilla virtue. FiFa World Cup in South africa: Cities like Cape town, Durban, port Elizabeth, pretoria or Johannesburg offer various leisure and culture activities. South Africa not only invites the football loving man for his share of escapism, but also his better half who will surely not be bored relaxing in the host cities best hotels and restaurants.

The fairytale palace residence is built. Legend has it that the Palace of the Lost City was built as the royal residence of an ancient civilization of South Africa, but was destroyed by an earthquake. The interior features exquisite mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings depicting South. The luxury hotel offers rooms including four suites. The King, Royal, African and Desert Suites feature a sauna and jacuzzi bath and are available upon request.

All standard rooms consist of an entrance foyer, en-suite bathroom, lounge, a seating. Even the huge swimming pool outside the main entrance is decorated with mosaics and sculptures. The restaurants at the Palace of the Lost City are yet another highlight. Furthermore the Palace of the Lost City offers several lounges and bars. The Palace of the Lost City in the artificial city Sun City is a breathtaking building that allows you to soak. The Beach Hotel offers comfort in its 58 spacious en-suite bedrooms with.

The luxury hotel also has two function rooms with all the facilities needed to make your conference a success. Furthermore, it is adjacent to the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex. The Beach Hotel in Port Elizabeth offers outstanding service from attentive staff, sublime cuisine and is located in one of the most splendid Ginger is a fusion between elegant chic and contemporary fine and comes with ideal views of the beach.

The restaurant owners do not claim. The atmosphere is friendly, airy and chic. The food is a combination of the finest, fresh ingredients that in turn create subtle dishes with distinctive flavours.

You literally can taste the. Have your appetizer on the deck before either moving inside for your meal or being served in situ. The lower dining area, with its stunning parquet floor, surrounds a central bar while the upper carpeted area is adjacent to the open plan kitchen.

But wherever one chooses to sit, Ginger is one of the best restaurants in Port Elizabeth and the ideal location next to the sea is perfect to. Ever since its opening in 9th Avenue Bistro has remained one of the best and top restaurants in South Africa.

The owners Carly and Frances Goncalves showcase fresh seasonal cuisine from modern interpretations of Bistro classics to cutting edge. The winelist changes regularly and concentrates on smaller boutique wineries offering some of South Africa's finest wines.

The Royal offers rooms, where a subtle blend of yellowwood and. Not to mention the breathtaking panoramic views of Durban. Each of the 4 themed restaurants at The Royal offers excellent and professional service to its guests.

The luxury hotel won numerous highly acclaimed international awards. The Saxon lies within a breathtakingly landscaped garden setting featuring a spectacular infinity swimming pool. Everywhere in the hotel guests can find magnificent contemporary African artefacts. The 24 suites all offer large bay windows overlooking the garden or pool area and fully equipped workstations.

The Egoli Suites are luxuriously furnished with open-plan bedrooms. A very special highlight is the magnificent Nelson Mandela Platinum Suite that comes with a reception hall, an enormous lounge and dining room, a spacious bedroom as well as Jacuzzi and steam room.

The Saxon Spa and Studio offers a full menu of spa treatment, from massages, customised facials to some exclusive treatments performed by top therapists. The outside Sensational Showers come with a wooden deck and offer a peaceful retreat. The food is divine and dining with the Who is Who at Auberge Michel is only another side-effect of the impeccable and very professional service.

The chic restaurant is owned by restaurateur Michel Morand and businessman Vusi Sithole, with chef Frederic Leloup in the kitchen. Auberge Michel in Johannesburg is an outstanding restaurant where everyone feels very welcome and delicious food is served.

Restaurant Browns of Rivonia, Johannesburg Set in a charming old farmhouse, which has been converted into a thriving restaurant, Browns is tucked away in a tranquil garden, a stone's throw from the city hustle and bustle. The restaurant gives you the opportunity to dine amongst 45, bottles The menu includes shellfish, game and superb steaks. Restaurant Chaplin's, Johannesburg The cultural hub of Johannesburg, Melville is the ideal location for this exciting restaurant.

Chaplin's is soaked in atmosphere with a nostalgic flashback to one of the greatest The restaurant pays wonderful tribute to the master of the silent screen. Just as the comedian himself was varied and innovative in his movies, the cuisine successfully mimics the restaurant's namesake - cold Atlantic oysters with wasabi cream and caviar, pasta Jambalaya, chargrilled prime rib of beef, and roasted freerange duck in a honey sauce.

For those who'll never see any of Chap-. Restaurant Tradewinds, Sandton Hilton Hotel, Johannesburg Tradewinds offers a unique blend of fare from throughout the world. This bright and spacious restaurant is divided into four distinct dining sections, for four different taste sensations. The Malayasian, Japanese, Mediterranean and French quarters.

Each of the dining areas has its own specific selection of food from its own part of the globe. The cosmopolitan buffet adds another dimension to Tradewinds. Facts about 60 K in Bulgaria Year of Establishment: Customer Service Plant Location: All of the investors in 60K have been working and investing in the region for many years and realized that Bulgaria had a lot of potential with respect to technical infrastructure, human resources, location in comparison to the UK and mainland Europe and also legislation here is favourable to investment.

We have been working in the Bulgarian market since July , mainly with larger companies. These companies tended to be foreign owned and were willing to pay the price required for the provision of professional and high quality customer service. Why did your company choose Sofia? Sofia was chosen for 3 main reasons, the location of the airport making it easy for our clients to visit, the availability of highly motivated and educated labour, the quality of the buildings and technical infrastructure.

What other factors make Bulgaria attractive to your company? Do you have expansion plans in Bulgaria? Yes, we are currently looking at setting a second call centre here, probably not in Sofia but in one of the other major cities such as Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Turnovo.

How do you see the business sector of your company developing in Bulgaria? What makes Bulgaria attractive for investors? The people and low costs here are the main factors. What can be enhanced to attract more foreign investors in Bulgaria? The road and rail infrastructure needs upgrading dramatically. More subsidies and tax concessions from the government would also be welcome. In addition the Bulgaria Foreign Investment Agency needs to be a lot more active and co-sponsor international events, for Example the Foreign Investment Agencies of countries like Egypt, Kenya and the West Indies sponsor companies to attend Expos all over the world.

Unfortunately not, one good idea would be to remove employers tax liabilities for the first two years of operation along with employer social charges as this would help companies just setting up here to manage their cash flows better.

However, great steps have been taken to ensure that. VAT is paid back quicker and also the new legislation relating to carry over of annual leave is also of great help. In addition, free language courses in Bulgarian would be very helpful for foreigners such as myself.

When I worked in Norway the government provided up to hours free tuition for Expats. Finally, from your personal experience, what is your opinion about Bulgaria? Having been here for just over 6 years now, I have found Bulgaria to be full of opportunities.

Not only is it a beautiful country with the most welcoming people in Europe, it is safe, the weather is great and the dedication and motivation of the population is amazing. The biggest drawbacks are beauracracy and corruption, although the latter is finally being dealt with slowly but surely. By Desislav Grigorov, Images: Tuning World Bodensee The car is a product for general use, but every car owner wants it to be a little different from others.

Individuality is embedded in human nature and on this stone was built the after-sales industry that improves the car's components and systems, called tuning. Tentative start in this area for several companies in Germany in early 80's. Two years later, the industry swigged and the market sorted out only the strongest companies that have adapted.

This shows the first tuning exhibition this year - seventh edition of the Tuning World Germany in the town of Friedrichshafen on the Shore of Bodensee Lake. Four-day event gathered over 1 car units. Profits in this industry are estimated at hundreds of millions of euros. Most of them came from Germany and some located near Switzerland and Austria. According to official data the exhibition was visited by , people who were able to see 27 cars premieres.

Appearance on wide screen inspired many enthusiasts to change the vision and behavior of vehicles, which give a strong impetus to the development of the industry.

Place on the market have found many companies that offer all kinds of services for the sole purpose of satisfying customer needs. Then enormously swelling of the balloon followed likewise the one in real estate market that burst and many companies were caught by surprise. The most important conclusion, that companies participating the exhibition made, was that industry called tuning is alive and is out of the difficulties that have overtook it in the past two years.

And once again, even though other important tuning and motorsport events were taking place at the same time, over. The number of visitors was excellent, and there was a lot of interest in our products. We had a double-digit increase in sales from the trade show compared to last year. The same view shared the sales manager of one of the leading companies in Germany tuningovi - AC Schnitzer.

An interesting trend emerges with auto corporations. Five or six years ago they strongly condemned tuning on their products made by other companies, but now the mood is different. Many European and Japanese brands have their own departments, whose main activity is the development of specific additional packages of improvements in style and power.

Tuning is not only changing the external forms of the car and its power. Recently car audio also become a crucial part of the industry. In Europe increasingly are required Japanese drifting and American custom. The second leading idea is that an old model car can be refreshed, polished and decorated with abundant amount of chrome, made to appear as a luxury toy for billionaires. Any tuning exhibition includes a beauty pageant, because the girls are an integral part of the program.

Competition in the Tuning World Bodensee is both among the beauties with scanty clothes, and on the podium in each of the showrooms, which could reveal the biggest brands in the industry: Many people want by nature to shine and stand out. And what better way to demonstrate their nature and individuality of the privilege to drive a car tuned according to their own desires.

Bulgaria is her second post abroad. The fist one was in Sweden, in What causes the outgoing of the foreign investments in Bulgaria, do you think the crisis is the only reason for this result? The global financial crisis has resulted in declining global FDI flows. The decline has been caused by two main factors.

First, global economic growth has declined sharply, particularly in the OECD block. Consequently, there are fewer investment opportunities and firms have adopted more cautious investment strategies. Second, it has become more difficult to access finance, owing to widespread difficulties in the global financial sector, including the opportunity to raise funds through Initial Public Offerings and corporate bond issues, and the sharp fall in global equity prices.

In this general picture let me to sunlight two points especially relevant for Bulgaria: That means that Bulgaria, as all of us, has to look for new sources of FDI. I see as very promising sectors energy, water management and waste treatment, among others. In the second point, the more cautious investment strategies of the firms the diagnoses are more complex.

Bulgaria could be seeing by foreign investors of a quite unsecured country in a period of risk avoiding. In the past there is fear of corruption.

Fortunately the new Government has tackle in a very effective way against this problem and this fear has decreased sharply in the last few months. This could be in the base, by the way of the recent recovery of foreign investments, congratulations.

But remain another source of uncertainty: Are the Spanish companies interested in Bulgarian market and can we expect any new investments? Spanish companies are very interested in invest in Bulgaria as the drop in our own internal market push them to seek for other opportunities outside.

The search is even more active than in the past. Bulgaria is a quite near country, in the UE, with a very big growth potential in the next years. Character proximity plays, as well, an important role for us: I suppose they are doing similar experiences in other surrounding countries that compete with Bulgaria for attracting foreign investments and the result for most of them, not for all, have being discouraging: No urgent measures needed in my opinion.

Clear, lasting and predictable Laws, clear application of those Laws, most of them not directly related to business, like Property rights of the land, quick and effective Judicial System are much more important than economic incentives for attracting investments.

A favourable fiscal system and a well prepared and trained labour force are the best incentives. Others incentives, more selective among branches of activity, could have undesirable effects, except, of course, in the case of activities with strong external effects like renewable energy. In my opinion as a believer in liberalism, investors chose where to invest and the State will better not to decide what investment is better than other. At the same time, there are non economic stimuli, or help, that could be more effective than others that imply Public Money expenditure.

For instance, the acquisition of state and municipal land, without tender and shorter administrative services is very useful instruments of the Bulgaria Investment Law that we have just to make more effective. Recently the Western countries Ambassadors recommended reorganization of the economy for preserving the good personnel.

How to solve the problem? No country has been changed in one year. It needs time and we can not be to severe or ask too much at one only Government because people can feel deceived and the governors under too much pressure. It is a long term run and a country bet. There are objective reasons for it. Why not been excellent workers inside their own country?

One of the most let say dangerous or costly lacks in Bulgaria is the lack of an Administrative career as is the normal use since, at least, the beginning of the th Century, in most of the others European countries. Highly specialised administrative bodies, independent of the political power and chosen trough objective and open exams are. They will give continuity to the economy and to the structural reforms.

Macroeconomic policy is sound and likely no extra measures are, in my opinion, needed. Degree of free competition has been, as well, quite developed I am thinking, for instance, in retail trade or pharmacies. Bulgaria has to undertake, now, microeconomic reforms. Fine analysis, case by case. And it has to be done thinking from a long run perspective. Do you think that Bulgarian companies could find any interesting opportunities in Spain? The mobility of people, businesses and activities during the last 10 years, the "openness" of Bulgaria, the community of European markets, and all those factors together make the investment abroad possible.

As we passed, as a country, the steps that you are going through at this moment we know that every country, after his entrance in the EU, has different stages: For Bulgaria is still the moment of receiving a big inflow of EU funds that will help it to grow above the average and catch up the EU average income.

Investments abroad are, indeed, possible and Bulgarian people have the comparative advantage of their very good level of education and, when adequately motivated, of capacity and ability at work. But I still think that is the moment to invest inside and not abroad, otherwise the country, your beautiful country, will become every day more poor and under-populated. Paradise does not exist on Earth, especially in those difficult moments, everywhere, with the added difficulty of been in a foreign country in which you will lack of any security net, family, friends, culture ….

What are your recommendations for the Bulgarian government in terms of adequate coping with crisis and increasing the level of attractiveness for the foreign investors? I do believe that the Bulgarian Government is doing an excellent work and has tackle with the crisis in a realistic way.

The problem is that measures take time to be studied and implemented and even more time to become effective. We all need to be patients and let the impact of the measures to become effective. We all tend to run too much in difficult times, to write too many laws, to do too many thinks. Big measures are already adopted or in the way.

Is time for small measures of big impact, better management and control and finish the measures that have being announced. How the crisis changed the way of managing the business? As I told at the beginning of this interview, firms have adopted more cautious investment strategies.

At the same time, most of them tried to turn menaces into opportunities looking for new businesses or ways of doing business. There are more innovative ideas than in the past. But the lack of finance is acting as a main obstacle to these new ideas or developments. To have credit or liquidity is, now, the main point. Any new development has to bring the financial solution incorporated to have opportunities to be undertaken. That means, among others, that the power of the information has growing and that a wrong announcement or perceived like this by the market result, immediately, in a credit restriction.

Governments have to be very carefully, nowadays, about what they say or announce because it has an immediate consequence in the financial system and, consequently, in one productive activity. Microsoft ranked fourth with its brand valued at slightly more than 76 billion dollars, just ahead of the nearly 68 billion dollars that Coca-Cola's brand was said to be worth. China Mobile, General Electric, and Vodafone claimed the eighth through tenth spots respectively.

Here are the top ten most powerful luxury brands in the world, according to Millward Brown: Most Powerful Luxury Brands Last year was rough for luxury brands. While mass fashion labels and retailers began to feel the effects of the recession as early as , luxury retailers were isolated for a bit longer.

Those circumstances made a challenge. Well, brands that fo-. This year, the firm also chose to focus on its heritage, sponsoring a horse competition in Paris. Now, the PPR-owned luxury goods maker has a tighter control its secondary market. During the recession, consumers turned to more practical products. While Chanel still attracted many with its classic quilted bags, cosmetics and fragrances, those determined to buy just a few investment pieces stayed away from the readyto-wear.

However, Dupreelle feels that consumers are looking for some newness in , which Karl Lagerfeld always brings to the runway. He predicts the fashion house will see an uptick over the next couple of years.

Rolex, along with many other high-end watch and jewelry makers, suffered greatly throughout the recession. The Richemont-owned brand reported lower sales through its own boutiques and a more severe decline in sales to third party retailers. Opening its doors to the public, the Hong Kong Home houses an impressive range of goods that embody the famed Alfred Dunhill taste for luxury and attention to detail.

It is also distinguished by a range of unparalleled services, including a Bespoke Tailoring service, fine wine reserve, restaurant and bar. The collection boasts some of the rarest of materials made by some of the finest manufacturers in the world.

A range of unique leather goods adds the finishing touch to the most stylish of ensembles. Of special note are the Limited Edition Wood leather tote bag and briefcase, of which only 88 pieces each are available. These exceptional pieces are exclusive to Alfred Dunhill Homes.

Adding a layer of sophistication and. Each of the small, exquisitely detailed paintings relate to the history and life of Alfred Dunhill,. Expect twists on classics such as fish and chips, Angus beef, gourmet sausages and more. The vintage leather sofas and lush carpets in the adjoining bar and lounge beckon you in for post-work or after-dinner drinks, offering a comprehensive British beer menu and an enviable wine list compiled in consultation with Berry Bros. The pure masculine indulgence of a perfectly made to measure suit is a luxury without comparison.

Working exclusively with the best mills in Italy and the UK they offer high twist weaves with fantastic natural crease resistance and powers of recovery. In addition to a relaxed and yet perpetually debonaire collection of casualwear, the first floor houses the customer care centre, created to ensure the Alfred Dunhill philosophy that true luxury service extends well beyond the purchase of a Alfred Dunhill piece.

Finally, for the true sartorialist, the crowning glory of the Hong Kong Home is the Bespoke Tailoring section. When Brooklyn Boulders LLC opened in September, the rock-climbing business's owners purposely left a Daily News logo above its entrance, hoping the facility's former identity as a delivery-truck garage for the New York newspaper would help draw visitors.

Several New York publications, including the Daily News, ran stories that mentioned the start-up's original occupant. Business owners often find unique ways to repurpose buildings: They've transformed jails into hotels, roller rinks into retail shops and churches into restaurants. Those looking to take up the strategy can potentially find bargains as other businesses shutter and leave attractive properties behind. And some properties may qualify for tax credits if they're designated historic.

But investing in a property can require a significant chunk of cash, and financing remains difficult to obtain. Realtors say they are seeing some bargains. The buyer, Mark Wyant, owner of a local small construction business, says he plans to turn the building into a luxury hotel while maintaining its original architecture, including granite and scrollwork exteriors.

But renovation costs on a property originally designed for another purpose can add up. Friedman of doing a major overhaul of a property. They kept the year-old property's original flooring, benches, trophy. On weekends and during special events, employees skate through the aisles to serve coffee and cookies to shoppers. Last year the Clawson, Mich. Business owners can sometimes run into problems obtaining basic operat-. Any business "that might impact children, traffic or even the look of the neighborhood" could face opposition from local lawmakers, he says.

A local law prohibits. An establishment's idiosyncratic past may not always be an advantage. Hair stylist Randy Fotia says he usually avoids mentioning that his salon was once a funeral home unless clients inquire about a photo on the cash register showing its original facade. Fotia, who purchased the Highland Park, N.

Clients are typically unaware when using the bathroom in the basement that bodies were once embalmed down there. By Vellyslav Petrov, Ina Karadzhova 20 years ago advertisers had only 7 media channels to play with; today there are millions of digital media channels.

The media mix has shifted from a one-way broadcast model to a dynamic two-way form. People still walk in the real world, but spend the better part of their time connected to the digital world, sharing content and opinions. This digital dependence is the foundation of mixed reality experiences. Actually, advertising from the past has always been interactive — engaging participants with personal communication on the bazaars, or. Marketers have a tough time getting their brand message to viewers in a relevant way using the all-popular four screens — movie, TV, PC and mobile.

It takes great trickery to. It brings back the forgotten interactivity, meeting in the best possible way. Shopping behavior, working behavior and society are all changing, target audiences are more difficult to reach and more and more based on global tribes, than on nations. Advertisers are shifting their digital branding strategy, honing on the right combination of digital channels, creating fantastic experiences, which were never before possible.

For the first time in history, this medium matches the expectations of the viewer, providing the missing link. Digital signage is becoming mainstream in retail, auto sales, luxury brand promotions and any points of sale, wait and transit.

Today everybody enjoys thousands of digital displays in action, positioned in airports, malls, banks, supermarkets, streets and transportation hubs. There is also a softer side to the use of digital signage - educational, entertaining, environment-setting, mood-enhancing and even indoor decoration use. Interactive wall displays, changing the architectural environment or presenting fine art gallery paintings or precious museum collections prove to be indispensable in attracting and keeping visitors with relevant, constantly fresh content and positive emotions.

Digital Signage has the highest ROI and highest brand impact: Digital signage fills a huge communication gap, offering real benefits: It enables mixed reality advertising and allows brands to deliver realtime innovative experiences.

It's the crossing point where the Brand, the Shopper and the Retailer meet in a mutually beneficial, revenue shared environment. Of all 5 screens,. For example, integrating interactive mirrors in a fashion store triples the sales.

Top10 DS trends for The constantly active digital content can be changed as often as needed and displayed relative to the time of day, the weather, the human A digital sign can show an ad for sunscreen if the weather is bright and sunny and an ad for raincoats or movies if it is cloudy and raining. When a store is open, the messages could target potential visitors and attract them to come inside, and when it is closed, the messages could be focused on branding, weather, working hours and encouraging a return.

Digital signage is the most cost-free of all media, including paper. All the resources which sustain it are digital, delivery is digital, production and. Intangible measures of success like ambience, audience well-being and brand-building are reasonable enough to justify implementing a digital signage system.

The timing to invest in digital signage is right now - when brands demand more accountability for every euro invested, new digital signage standards and measurability are being established and technology is fueling growth every day.

Get an eye-catching, gesture-based high-end 3D touch screen and watch your customer's WOW! Establish clear objectives and make the necessary investment in the right functionality. Guess where attention will be focused and place screens strategically - the right screen in the right place gets the right message to the right person in the right time. Still not mainstream, but the future is bright.

It has a As a gaming notebook, it supports DirectX 11 graphics, a Core i5 processor, and Turbo Boost technology to increase Processor MSI GX is a laptop computer dedicated for gamers, and this requires good amount of power. Graphics and Display Graphics support and Display screen are the most critical part of any gaming laptop. GX incorporates wide And this combined power of graphics support and display screen is a sheer gaming delight. It actually allows you to run this gaming laptop in five different modes which include gaming, watching video, presentations, office and productivity.

Graphically it is robust and stable, which makes it a powerful gaming laptop computer. Desserts in Paris, France, the culinary capital of the world, are some of the most sumptuous treats on the planet. One could eat for a year and not have tasted every combination of flavors on the Parisian dessert palette. Honestly, you could go to practically any patisserie on the street corner near your hotel and be pleasantly surprised.

Laduree on Rue Royale At Laduree at 16 rue Royal, you can treat yourself to a light lunch before the main course: With a dessert menu over seven pages long containing such delights as Coupe Isfahan, a scoop of raspberry sorbet blended with rose petal ice cream served with a dollop of chantilly cream and fresh raspberries, or the chocolate zabaglione mousse, with four distinct layers and textures of chocolate syrup, icing, cake and chocolate biscuit , your senses will be in heaven.

These thin cakes are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and they come in every flavor: Over tons of macaroons are sold every year, so make sure you get a box to take back with you!

The lines can be long, but it is worth it. This shop has grown so popular in Paris that it has multiple stores all around the city — almost unheard of in this city of high culture!

They specialize in truffles of every flavor, from hazelnut to caramel to cognac. The chocolate is designed to melt in your mouth and provide a sweet, delightful contrast to the burst of flavor at the center of the truffle. Le grenier a pain If your tastes tend more toward hearty, sublime breads and cakes, the best place to visit would be Le Grenier a Pain, at 38 rue des Abbesses.

The crust is delightfully crunchy, but not too much so, and the bread is both light and substantial in your mouth.

Grab a baguette and hop on the metro to the river. Sit on the bank of the Seine with your baguette, some lunch meat, some cheese and a bottle of wine, and watch the water flow by as you snack.

Interestingly, the best place to get eclairs and other simple breakfast pastries in Paris is run by a Japanese pastry chef! The eclair, a cream-filled, chocolate-covered puff of heaven, has long been a staple of French dessert, and Mr. Aoki pays homage to that tradition.

He goes one further, however, and invents all manner of delicious, interesting flavors for his eclairs, including a macha green tea flavored eclair, with green tea powder imported from Kyoto mixed into the cream filling.

Located near the famous Jardin du Luxembourg at 35 Rue de Vaugirard, this is the perfect place to stop in after an afternoon of strolling through the gardens. The decision was welcomed by the music industry, which looked forward to having more sites blocked in due course. Soon after, local music rights group LSG sent its lawyers after several other large ISPs urging them to follow suit, or else.

However, the ISPs dug in and a year later, in May , things began to unravel. The Court concluded that ISP blocks are only warranted if copyright holders have exhausted all their options to take action against those actually carrying out the infringement. The ISPs argued that only torrent files, not the content itself, was available on the portals. They also had a problem with the restriction of access to legitimate content.

Taking the case to its ultimate conclusion, the music companies appealed to the Supreme Court. The ISPs had previously argued that blocking The Pirate Bay and other sites was pointless since the torrents they host would still be available elsewhere. When content is blocked, rather than removed, it simply displaces the problem, leaving others to pick up the pieces, the Internet body argues.

Everything else is a placebo with extremely dangerous side effects, which can easily be bypassed by both providers and consumers. The domains that were listed in the case, many of which are already defunct, are: Whether it will be added later is unclear, but the only domain currently used by The Pirate Bay thepiratebay.

Post Syndicated from Jeff Barr original https: We launched CloudFront in with 14 Points of Presence and have been expanding rapidly ever since. Today I am pleased to announce the opening of our th Point of Presence, the fifth one in Tokyo and the sixth in Japan. We have even more in the works, including an Edge Location in the United Arab Emirates, currently planned for the first quarter of First announced at re: Invent , the Regional Edge Caches sit between our Edge Locations and your origin servers, have even more memory than the Edge Locations, and allow us to store content close to the viewers for rapid delivery, all while reducing the load on the origin servers.

While locations are important, they are just a starting point. We have also been working to accelerate the processing of cache invalidations and configuration changes. We now accept invalidations within milliseconds of the request and confirm that the request has been processed world-wide, typically within 60 seconds. This helps to ensure that your customers have access to fresh, timely content! Visit our Getting Started with Amazon CloudFront page for sign-up information, tutorials, webinars, on-demand videos, office hours, and more.

Needing little introduction, the anti-piracy system sold by Denuvo Software Solutions of Austria is probably the most well-known product of its type of the planet. For years, Denuvo was considered pretty much impenetrable, with its presence a virtual stamp of assurance that a game being protected by it would not fall victim to piracy, potentially for years.

In recent times, however, things have begun to crumble. Strangely, it started in early with bad news. Chinese cracking group 3DM declared that Denuvo was probably uncrackable and no protected games would appear online during the next two years. By June, however, hope appeared on the horizon, with hints that progress was being made.

After that, Denuvo-protected titles began dropping like flies, with some getting cracked weeks after their launch. Then things got serious. Early this year, Resident Evil 7 fell in less than a week. In the summer, RiME fell in a few days, four days exactly for Tekken 7. Now, however, Denuvo has suffered its biggest failure yet, with strategy game Total War: Warhammer 2 falling to pirates in less than a day, arguably just a few hours. The fall of this game in such a short space of time will be of major concern to Denuvo Software Solutions.

After Resident Evil 7 was cracked in days earlier this year, Denuvo Marketing Director Thomas Goebl told Eurogamer that some protection was better than nothing.

Warhammer 2, it can be argued that Denuvo made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the availability of the title. Back in , Denuvo co-founder Robert Hernandez told Kotaku that the company does not give refunds. It would be interesting to know if anything has changed there too. Post Syndicated from Tina Barr original https: Welcome back to another month of Hot Startups! Every day, startups are creating innovative and exciting businesses, applications, and products around the world.

Each month we feature a handful of startups doing cool things using AWS. July is all about learning! These companies are focused on providing access to tools and resources to expand knowledge and skills in different ways. In , Stanford students Zach Galant and Jeremy Keeshin were computer science majors and TAs for introductory classes when they noticed a trend among their peers.

Many wished that they had been exposed to computer science earlier in life. In their senior year, Zach and Jeremy launched CodeHS to give middle and high schools the opportunity to provide a fun, accessible computer science education to students everywhere.

CodeHS is a web-based curriculum pathway complete with teacher resources, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities. The curriculum is supplemented with time-saving teacher tools to help with lesson planning, grading and reviewing student code, and managing their classroom. CodeHS aspires to empower all students to meaningfully impact the future, and believe that coding is becoming a new foundational skill, along with reading and writing, that allows students to further explore any interest or area of study.

Zach and Jeremy set out to change that by providing a solution that made it easy for schools and districts to get started. With CodeHS, thousands of teachers have been trained and are teaching hundreds of thousands of students all over the world. Students can write and run their code online, and teachers can immediately see what the students are working on and how they are doing.

CodeHS also relies on AWS to compile and run student code in the browser, which is extremely important when teaching server-side languages like Java that powers the AP course.

Since usage rises and falls based on school schedules, Amazon CloudWatch and ELBs are used to easily scale up when students are running code so they have a seamless experience. Be sure to visit the CodeHS website , and to learn more about bringing computer science to your school, click here!

Insight Palo Alto, CA. Insight was founded in to create a new educational model, optimize hiring for data teams, and facilitate successful career transitions among data professionals. Over the last 5 years, Insight has kept ahead of market trends and launched a series of professional training fellowships including Data Science , Health Data Science , Data Engineering , and Artificial Intelligence. Finding individuals with the right skill set, background, and culture fit is a challenge for big companies and startups alike, and Insight is focused on developing top talent through intensive 7-week fellowships.

The Data Engineering team at Insight is well-versed in the current ecosystem of open source tools and technologies and provides mentorship on the best practices in this space.

The technical teams are continually working with external groups in a variety of data advisory and mentorship capacities, but the majority of Insight partners participate in professional sessions. Companies visit the Insight office to speak with fellows in an informal setting and provide details on the type of work they are doing and how their teams are growing. These sessions have proved invaluable as fellows experience a significantly better interview process and companies yield engaged and enthusiastic new team members.

Insight provides free AWS resources for all fellows to use, in addition to mentorships from the Data Engineering team. The experience with AWS gives fellows a solid skill set as they transition into the industry. Check out the Insight blog for more information on trends in data infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge data products. When the App Store was introduced in , the founders of iTranslate saw an opportunity to be part of something big.

The group of four fully believed that the iPhone and apps were going to change the world, and together they brainstormed ideas for their own app. The combination of translation and mobile devices seemed a natural fit, and by iTranslate was born. The app allows users to translate text, voice, websites and more into nearly languages on various platforms. Today, iTranslate is the leading player for conversational translation and dictionary apps, with more than 60 million downloads and 6 million monthly active users.

The app has a variety of features designed to optimize productivity including offline translation, website and voice translation, and language auto detection. The Dash Pro allows people to communicate freely, while having a personal translator right in their ear. Amazon Polly provides us with the ability to efficiently produce and use high quality, natural sounding synthesized speech. Customers also enjoy the option to change speech rate and change between male and female voices.

To get started with iTranslate, visit their website here. Post Syndicated from Yev original https: As Backblaze continues to grow, and as we go down the path of sharing our stories, we found ourselves in need of someone that could wrangle our content calendar, write blog posts, and come up with interesting ideas that we could share with our readers and fans.

We put out the call, and found Roderick! Lets learn a bit more about Roderick, shall we? Where are you originally from? What attracted you to Backblaze? I spoke with him and was impressed with him and his description of the company. We connected on LinkedIn after the conference and I ultimately saw his post for this position about a month ago.

What do you expect to learn while being at Backblaze? I also hope to get to know my fellow employees. Where else have you worked? I used to own vineyards and a food education and event center in the Napa Valley with my former wife, and worked in a number of restaurants, hotels, and wineries. They are named after famous rock and roll vocalists. Our most active studs now are Sting and Van Morrison. Where did you go to school?

I studied at Reed College, U. I put myself through college so was in and out of school a number of times to make money. Some of the jobs I held to earn money for college were cook, waiter, dishwasher, bartender, courier, teacher, bookstore clerk, head of hotel maintenance, bookkeeper, lifeguard, journalist, and commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska. I think my dream would be having a job that would continually allow me to learn new things and meet new challenges.

I lived and studied in Italy, and would have to say the Umbria region of Italy is perhaps my favorite place. I love foreign languages, and have studied Italian, French, German, and a few others. I am a big fan of literature and theatre and read widely and have attended theatre productions all over the world. That was my motivation to learn other languages—so I could enjoy literature and theatre in the languages they were written in.

I started scuba diving when I was very young because I wanted to be Jacques-Yves Cousteau and explore the oceans. Both my parents are chefs, so I was exposed to a lot of great food growing up. I would have to give more than one answer to that question: Oh, and white truffles.

Welcome to the team! The post Introducing Our Content Director: Post Syndicated from Janina Ander original https: In a Manhattan gallery, there is an art installation that uses a Raspberry Pi to control the lights, nourishing an underground field of lavender. This information is then relayed to the lights in real time. The more tweets, retweets, and likes there are on these accounts at a given moment, the brighter the lights become, and the better the lavender plants grow.

Regarding his motivation to create the art installation, Martin Roth says:. But I am using it in my exhibition as a force to create growth. These often involve the posting of tweets in response to real-world inputs. Or do you already have a project, in progress or finished, that uses the API? Let us know about it in the comments! The post Tweetponic lavender: This gives them a more consistent network experience than a shared, Internet-based connection along with increased throughput and the potential to reduce network costs.

We have added several new Direct Connect locations already this year, and are adding even more today. This post summarizes the most recent additions to our roster! See the Direct Connect Product Details for a full list of new and existing locations.

Post Syndicated from Eben Upton original https: This represented a fivefold reduction in cost over the original Model A: Over the ensuing fifteen months, Zero grew a camera connector and found its way into everything from miniature arcade cabinets to electric skateboards. Many of these use cases need wireless connectivity.

Zero W fixes this problem by integrating more functionality into the core product. Raspberry Pi Zero W is available from all Zero distributors today, with the exception of Micro Center, who should have stock in stores by the end of this week. The post New product!

Post Syndicated from Bruce Schneier original https: Wired is reporting on a new slot machine hack. A Russian group has reverse-engineered a particular brand of slot machine — from Austrian company Novomatic — and can simulate and predict the pseudo-random number generator. The cell phones from Pechanga, combined with intelligence from investigations in Missouri and Europe, revealed key details. They upload that footage to a technical staff in St. The timed spins are not always successful, but they result in far more payouts than a machine normally awards: The easy solution is to use a random-number generator that accepts local entropy, like Fortuna.

I expect IoT ransomware to become a major area of crime in the next few years. How long before we see this tactic used against cars? Within the year is my guess. Poland is an ancient country whose history is deeply intertwined with that of the western civilization.

But over the past two centuries, it suffered a series of military defeats and political partitions at the hands of its closest neighbors: Russia, Austria, Prussia, and — later — Germany.

After more than a hundred years of foreign rule, Poland re-emerged as an independent state in , only to face the armies of Nazi Germany at the onset of World War II. Some six million people have died within its borders — more than ten times the death toll in France or in the UK. Warsaw was reduced to a sea of rubble, with perhaps one in ten buildings still standing by the end of the war. With the collapse of the Third Reich, Franklin D.

Over the next several decades, the Soviet satellite states experienced widespread repression and economic decline. But weakened by the expense of the Cold War, the communist chokehold on the region eventually began to wane. In Poland, even the introduction of martial law in could not put an end to sweeping labor unrest. Narrowly dodging the specter of Soviet intervention, the country regained its independence in and elected its first democratic government; many other Eastern Bloc countries soon followed suit.

Ever since then, Poland has enjoyed a period of unprecedented growth and has emerged as one of the more robust capitalist democracies in the region. In just two decades, it shed many of its backwardly, state-run heavy industries and adopted a modern, service-oriented economy.

When thinking about the American involvement in the Cold War, people around the world may recall Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, or the proxy wars fought in the Middle East. But in Poland and many of its neighboring states, the picture you remember the most is the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was born in Warsaw in the winter of , at the onset of martial law, with armored vehicles rolling onto Polish streets. My mother, like many of her generation, moved to the capital in the sixties as a part of an effort to rebuild and repopulate the war-torn city.

My grandma would tell eerie stories of Germans and Soviets marching through their home village somewhere in the west. I liked listening to the stories; almost every family in Poland had some to tell. I did not get to know my father. I knew his name; he was a noted cinematographer who worked on big-ticket productions back in the day.

He left my mother when I was very young and never showed interest in staying in touch. He had a wife and other children, so it might have been that. We ended up in social housing in one of the worst parts of the city, on the right bank of the Vistula river.

My early memories from school are that of classmates sniffing glue from crumpled grocery bags. I remember my family waiting in lines for rationed toilet paper and meat. The fall of communism came suddenly. I have a memory of grandma listening to broadcasts from Radio Free Europe, but I did not understand what they were all about. I remember my family cheering one afternoon, transfixed to a black-and-white TV screen. I recall my Russian language class morphing into English; I had my first taste of bananas and grapefruits.

I remember being able to go to a better school on the other side of Warsaw — and getting mugged many times on the way. The transformation brought great wealth to some, but many others have struggled to find their place in the fledgling and sometimes ruthless capitalist economy. Well-educated and well read, my mom ended up in the latter pack, at times barely making ends meet. I think she was in part a victim of circumstance, and in part a slave to way of thinking that did not permit the possibility of taking chances or pursuing happiness.

Mother always frowned upon popular culture, seeing it as unworthy of an educated mind. For a time, she insisted that I only listen to classical music. She angrily shunned video games, comic books, and cartoons.

I think she perceived technology as trivia; the only field of science she held in high regard was abstract mathematics, perhaps for its detachment from the mundane world. She hoped that I would learn Latin, a language she could read and write; that I would practice drawing and painting; or that I would read more of the classics of modernist literature.

Of course, I did almost none of that. I hid my grunge rock tapes between Tchaikovsky, listened to the radio under the sheets, and watched the reruns of The A-Team while waiting for her to come back from work. I liked electronics and chemistry a lot more than math. And when I laid my hands on my first computer — an 8-bit relic of British engineering from — I soon knew that these machines, in their incredible complexity and flexibility, were what I wanted to spend my time on. I suspected I could become a competent programmer, but never had enough faith in my skill.

Yet, in learning about computers, I realized that I had a knack for understanding complex systems and poking holes in how they work. With a couple of friends, we joined the nascent information security community in Europe, comparing notes on mailing lists. Before long, we were taking on serious consulting projects for banks and the government — usually on weekends and after school, but sometimes skipping a class or two.

Well, sometimes more than that. All of the sudden, I was facing an odd choice. I could stop, stay in school and try to get a degree — going back every night to a cramped apartment, my mom sleeping on a folding bed in the kitchen, my personal space limited to a bare futon and a tiny desk. Or, I could seize the moment and try to make it on my own, without hoping that one day, my family would be able to give me a head start. I moved out, dropped out of school, and took on a full-time job.

Not much later, I was making two times as much, about the upper end of what one could hope for in this line of work. I moved in with my girlfriend, and at the age of 19, I felt for the first time that things were going to be all right.

Growing up in Europe, you get used to the barrage of low-brow swipes taken at the United States. Your local news will never pass up the opportunity to snicker about the advances of creationism somewhere in Kentucky.

You can stay tuned for a panel of experts telling you about the vastly inferior schools, the medieval justice system, and the striking social inequality on the other side of the pond.

My moment of truth came in the summer of Moving to the US was an unreasonable risk for a kid who could barely speak English and had no safety net to fall back to. But that did not matter: I knew I had no prospects of financial independence in Poland — and besides, I simply needed to experience the New World through my own eyes. Of course, even with a job offer in hand, getting into the United States is not an easy task.

An engineering degree and a willing employer opens up a straightforward path; it is simple enough that some companies would abuse the process to source cheap labor for menial, low-level jobs. With a visa tied to the petitioning company, such captive employees could not seek better wages or more rewarding work.

But without a degree, the options shrink drastically. For me, the only route would be a seldom-granted visa reserved for extraordinary skill — meant for the recipients of the Nobel Prize and other folks who truly stand out in their field of expertise. The attorneys looked over my publication record, citations, and the supporting letters from other well-known people in the field.

Especially given my age, they thought we had a good shot. A few stressful months later, it turned out that they were right. On the week of my twentieth birthday, I packed two suitcases and boarded a plane to Boston. My girlfriend joined me, miraculously securing a scholarship at a local university to continue her physics degree; her father helped her with some of the costs. We had no idea what we were doing; we had perhaps few hundred bucks on us, enough to get us through the first couple of days.

Four thousand miles away from our place of birth, we were starting a brand new life. The cultural shock gets you, but not in the sense you imagine. You expect big contrasts, a single eye-opening day to remember for the rest of your life. Instead of a moment of awe, you drown in a sea of small, inconsequential things, draining your energy and making you feel helpless and lost. The acquaintances you make in the office will probably never replace the folks you grew up with. In the summer, we had friends from Poland staying over for a couple of weeks.

By the end of their trip, they asked to visit New York City one more time; we liked the Big Apple, so we took them on a familiar ride down I One of them went to see the top of World Trade Center; the rest of us just walked around, grabbing something to eat before we all headed back. A few days later, we were all standing in front of a TV, watching September 11 unfold in real time.

We felt horror and outrage. But when we roamed the unsettlingly quiet streets of Boston, greeted by flags and cardboard signs urging American drivers to honk, we understood that we were strangers a long way from home — and that our future in this country hanged in the balance more than we would have thought. For many immigrants, the pursuit of this privilege can take a decade or more; for some others, it stays forever out of reach, forcing them to abandon the country in a matter of days as their visas expire or companies fold.

With my O-1 visa, I always counted myself among the lucky ones. That proved to be a mistake. My own seemingly straightforward immigration petition ended up somewhere in the bureaucratic vacuum that formed in between the two administrative bodies.

I was ready for the inevitable, with other offers in hand, prepared to make my move perhaps the very first moment I could. But the paperwork just would not come through. With the Boston office finally shutting down, we packed our bags and booked flights. We faced the painful admission that for three years, we chased nothing but a pipe dream. The only thing we had to show for it were two adopted cats, now sitting frightened somewhere in the cargo hold.

The now-worthless approval came through two months later; the lawyers, cheerful as ever, were happy to send me a scan. The hollowed-out remnants of my former employer were eventually bought by Symantec — the very place from where I had my backup offer in hand.

When asked, I could just wing it: Back then, Warsaw still had a run-down vibe: The indulgences were never extravagant: But no matter how much I made, I kept living paycheck-to-paycheck — the only way I knew, the way our family always did.

You face the music in a different way. I ended up with a salary around a fourth of what I used to make in Massachusetts, but I simply decided not to think about it much. I wanted to settle down, work on interesting projects, marry my girlfriend, have a child.

I started doing consulting work whenever I could, setting almost all the proceeds aside. After four years with T-Mobile in Poland, I had enough saved to get us through a year or so — and in a way, it changed the way I looked at my work. Being able to take on ambitious challenges and learn new things started to matter more than jumping ships for a modest salary bump.

Burned by the folly of pursuing riches in a foreign land, I put a premium on boring professional growth. Comically, all this introspection made me realize that from where I stood, I had almost nowhere left to go.

Sure, Poland had telcos, refineries, banks — but they all consumed the technologies developed elsewhere, shipped here in a shrink-wrapped box; as far as their IT went, you could hardly tell the companies apart. To be a part of the cutting edge, you had to pack your bags, book a flight, and take a jump into the unknown. And then, out of the blue, Google swooped in with an offer to work for them from the comfort of my home, dialing in for a videoconference every now and then.

The starting pay was about the same, but I had no second thoughts. In a sense, my motive was petty:

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