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Select "Continue" to apply the update. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Xbox game and app updates download to your Xbox console. You will need to unzip the file to get the default. Fixed an issue that could cause player missiles to collide with an invisible object on Xera's platform.

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Xbox Support Xbox One. Xbox on Windows Backward capability Game setup Game titles Purchasing. You see the following message when you start a game or an app: Update Required An update is available for this game from Xbox Live.

Do you want to apply this update now? Check the status of Xbox Live Check for service alerts on the Xbox Live status page, or see if an Xbox Live service alert appears at the top of this page.

Select Test Xbox Live Connection. Clear your system cache Press the Guide button on your controller. Go to Settings and select System Settings.

Select Storage or Memory. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices. Select Clear System Cache. Delete and reinstall the game or app You might be able to correct problems related to downloading a game or app update by deleting the game or app from your console and then installing it again.

From the Xbox Dashboard, go to settings and select System. Select Storage , and then select Memory Unit. Select Games and Apps. Find and select the game or app you want to delete. Redownload the game or app: If you downloaded the game or app from Xbox Live: Go to settings and select Account. Browse your download history. Select the item, and then select Download Again. If you originally installed the game from a disc, install the game again.

Start the game, and then download the update again when prompted to do so. Try a direct modem connection If your Xbox console connects to the Internet through a router or gateway as opposed to directly through a modem , try connecting the console directly to the modem. Plug one end of a network cable into the back of your Xbox console and the other end into your modem. On the console, sign in to Xbox Live and start the game. Choose to download the game update.

How do I know if my game is up to date? Do I have to buy additional content for an update? How to get a new Xbox update. Fixed an issue that prevented a character from appearing in Vabbi for the " Good, Better, Nest " collection achievement when players restarted the " A Star to Guide Us " episode. Sayida the Sly will now properly appear for players working on the " Good, Better, Nest " achievement. Fixed a bug that made the "Manipulate the Manipulator" achievement unattainable.

Fixed a bug that allowed the Death-Branded Shatterer to have the Kralkatorrik's Intervention effect when no Riftstalkers were present. Fixed a bug that caused this item to have two sigils upon acquisition. It will no longer have a Superior Sigil of Blight when created. A Star to Guide Us: Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause egg sacs in the "Legacy" instance to explode early.

Fixed a bug that caused displaced props to transition abruptly. Fixed a server crash. Xiuquatl A new legendary weapon is now available. Mythwright Gambit Zommoros has invited you to participate in the very first private tour of the Mystic Forge. World Polish Diessa Plateau: Fixed a possible stall during the " Help the Night warband reach Incendio Templum " event.

Fixed an issue that prevented all of the nodes from the herb farm in Arkjok Farmlands from being collected each day. Fixed an issue that prevented players from teleporting when using the portal from the Allied Encampment to the Bokoss Prison Ruins. Fixed an issue that could prevent the pestilent golem in the " End the plague experiments " event from using Crystal Barrage.

Fixed an issue in which cave bats ignored enemies. Fixed a bug that could hide the timer during the " Destroy the crystal encasing the Brandstone before it disintegrates " event. Arcanist Slizz has returned to his Sanctuary of Seclusion. Fixed a bug that could prevent the " Defeat all the laboratory security golems! General When players receive a stackable item that is also in a Shared Inventory Slot, that item will now stack in the Shared Inventory Slot. Added a Disable Player Camera Shake option that will disable camera-shake effects that come from players.

In order to reduce visual noise, many effects displayed when players hit will no longer scale up on large targets. The skill bar in the Build tab of the Hero panel has been reworked so that players can now see and change their aquatic healing, utility, and elite skills, even when they are not underwater. Similarly, this change also applies to terrestrial skills while underwater.

Players can also now change their character skills through this panel while mounted. Healing, utility, and elite skills on cooldown can now be swapped out for unequipped skills.

When swapped, the cooldown of the previous skill will continue its recharge time on that skill slot. Fixed several visual bugs that appeared on the Luminous medium and light armor skins. Fixed an issue that caused party names to be covered by level indicators and profession icons in PvP and squads. Fixed an issue in which events with no rewards counted against diminishing returns. Fractals Nightmare hallucinations created by Ensolyss's Upswing attack are no longer targetable and will not block player skills.

Fixed a bug that could cause prevent the Deepstone Sentinel from being targeted. Players who have participated in completing at least one Path of Fire raid encounter prior to this patch will be able to trade in a limited number of Legendary Insights for Legendary Divinations. The acquisition method for Provisioner Tokens has been updated.

Other Faction Provisioners have stopped exchanging items for Provisioner Tokens. Gorseval's Ghastly Prison skill, Rebel, will now appear on the player's skill bar instead of as a special action skill. Fixed some bugs that prevented Ghastly Prison from cleaning up properly.

Stronghold of the Faithful Fixed an issue in which the Twisted Castle would not reward players if they had received rewards from a particular chest in another raid wing.

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