Аллоды Онлайн: В ожидании 8.0.2

Now you can download paid addons and they will work for all characters from binded game account. Need to see control or other effects over the mobs in the astral or raid instances. IsPlayer unitId or unit. Addon needed for receiving special key of your game account, which uses in binding paid addons to game account. If there is a "crown" near you, it will show the yellow alert on the screen with the name of this creature, and above the mob appears an image on which it will be easy to find.

Сколько весит игра Аллоды Онлайн в гигабайтах (мегабайтах), размер онлайн игры Allods Online

Ниже представлены актуальные акции Аллоды Онлайн (Allods Online)

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